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About Us

Robert "Bullet Bob" Willet

I was a systems programmer for nearly 30 years. Now days I volunteer my time to non-profits doing web programming. I am taking classes to improve my web programming skills since I have learned most of this on my own and don't know what I missed.

My wife is a pastor at the local Presbyterian Church where I manage their website. I took the easy way out and used Wordpress for this site. Prior to Uvalde we lived in El Paso where I volunteered to do the website for the Miracle League of El Paso. This site is done in PHP using some MySQL. I am in the process of converting it to Wordpress so I can pass along some of the administration to someone else.

In another life I was also an MSF Motorcycle Safety Instructor but since moving to Uvalde there are just not enough motorcyclists to justify opening a school and I am too far from a large city to commute to class.